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Back when I made a lot less money than¬† do now, I dated a cam girl. When we first started seeing each other, I knew she did some modeling, but I didn’t know what type. After a while, I started asking more questions and asking to see some of her work. That was when she confessed to me that she was masturbating while strangers paid to watch. Part of me felt like I should be mad, but the other part felt really turned on. She didn’t know it, but I started going into her chats and watching her interact with the guys. Knowing that they all wanted her and were getting off to her, but I was the one getting to fuck her, was really arousing. It wasn’t like she was cheating on me. I knew she was doing it and I told her I was okay with it. Plus, she made a lot of money and I reaped some of the rewards from it. I loved that aspect.

Could I have sold her to another guy and actually watched as he fucked her? No. In fact, we broke up after I learned that she had met up with one of the guys from the cam site after he offered her a couple grand. I was furious.

Some men are totally willing to rent out their girlfriends though and you can watch them with this Sell Your GF discount for up to 84% off now.

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Some guys don’t have to resort to revenge porn because their girlfriends are perfectly willing to show their naked flesh to strangers. In fact, there are guys out there that want to show off by fucking their beautiful girls on webcam, knowing other guys are jerking off to what they see.

Unfortunately, there are some fugly couples on cam that you may have to scroll past to find the hot ones. As soon as I caught a glimpse of the two pictured here, I knew to stop scrolling and start watching. Young, in shape, and with a bit of a Frozen vibe thanks to their matching white hair, I knew they’d entertain.

Online sex with HeelyBoyz was great because they were fun, confident, and really got off to other people wanting to see them. There is definitely some ego there and the guy is a bit of a pretty boy who likes to try to steal the spotlight, but she doesn’t let him. She is glorious in the throes of orgasm.

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