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It’s easy to think that you need to just join the right website and your meet and fuck problems go away. It’s easy to think that you just need to find the right website and it’s a simple matter of just filling out a form and showing up for a chick to get down on her knees and suck your dick. If only things were really that easy.

Sadly, this is what makes the whole process of mastering the typical meet and fuck website so difficult and, let’s face it, annoying and frustrating. It defies easy categorization. It defies easy analysis. You really have to dig in. You have to roll up your sleeves and pay attention to detail and you will end up with chicks like this one

And unfortunately, most guys who are joining the typical free sex meet website feel that they really don’t have the time. They think that time is a precious luxury and they’d rather not spend the amount of time, effort and energy at these types of websites or mobile dating apps. It is no surprise that these guys fail again and again.

You have to understand that if there is any one thing or factor that would make you more successful at meet and fuck sites, it is this: you have to have the ability to work hard. Now, this might seem anti-climactic because you probably have heard that type of advice when it comes to your career or schoolwork. But it is also applicable to fucking chicks. Seriously.

It takes work. And the work, believe it or not, has nothing to do with sending out messages because that shit can be automated. It has nothing to do with filtering the responses. Again, that can be automated. You can use templates to do that.

The real work is overcoming the internal obstacles that you yourself have put in front of you that consistently rob you of the sexual success that you could otherwise be enjoying. That takes work. It also takes courage because hey, let’s face it, people are creatures of habit and we hate change. In fact, we’re so fearful of change. But you must change if you want to turn yourself into a local fuck machine at the typical meet and fuck site.

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