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I had to calm myself down while watching on as this cute chick strokes her boyfriend off in POV handjob video. She was a total stunner and by the looks of it she also knew how to handle a cock and that was very important to me.

Harmony goes all out to show her man some sweet love and she does that in complete style by working every inch of his throbbing cock. Her attention to detail is a good indication that she gets wet at the thought of wrapping those soft hands of hers around a loving cock and boy that sure is a good feeling to have.

I plan to watch all of the Strokies videos here but first I am going to bust a few nuts by watching all of this one. I want to look into those totally cute eyes and give her the best inches of my life before I decide to let it all out and watch her lick it up with her tasty looking lips!

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What would be the reason someone as active as yourself would ever choose Permanent chastity as a way of life? It might be just a lifestyle choice but it could also be something more.

For a sexually active man to stop having sex and giving up the control that comes with it, that has to be a big thing for them to do. If you think men make this decision without thinking it through you might want to rethink because this isn’t something that happens on a whim.

I doubt a guy just wakes up one day and decides to do something as crazy as this. He would have been thinking about it for a very long time and it might yet be the best decision that he has made. Dreams can come true if you have the passion and the desire for them to become a reality, it’s just the fact that most men and women for that matter do not have what it needs to make it happen.

I believe and I always have that life can be controlled in you’re willing to put in the effort. You have to realize that life wasn’t meant to be easy and if you have the desire to do the things that others are not your reward, in the end, will justify the effort. Have a good think about that before you make the move to chastity and just think things out in a clear way because you need to have a clear head before you make a choice as big as this.

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